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Portable Moving Storage Containers from UNITS<sup>®</sup> Moving and Portable Storage

Moving and Storage from UNITS®
The Leader in Portable Storage

UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage Inc.,  is a national leader in portable moving and storage. We are proud to be able to provide our customers with the most affordable and highest quality portable moving storage container available in the industry today. Whether you are moving across town or across country - UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage can move you from door to door providing you a hassle and stress free relocation.

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Portable Storage Containers Offer Convenience and Flexibility

UNITS® brings a portable storage container to your specified location and gives you the option to load and arrange your belongings at your own pace. When you're done, you can have the truck transport your portable storage unit to your new home or business. Or, you can have UNITS® store your container in one of its secure, climate-controlled storage facilities, which are located all throughout the United States.

Get Help from UNIT'S Moving and Storage Professionals

If you want the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility and professional assistance, UNITS® offers professional moving services for those who would rather take a more hands off approach. Not only will professionals drop off and pick up your container at the locations you specify, but they can also help with the more tedious aspects of the process such as packing and loading your boxes.

Local and Long Distance Moving and Storage Services

Whether you're moving across town or across the country, UNITS® network of moving professionals and portable storage facilities offer flexibility for your relocation. No matter where you are or where you're going, UNITS® will ensure your items arrive safely at their new destination.

Options for Homeowners and Business Owners

UNITS® offers options for both residential and commercial clients. Whether you're moving into your new dream home, or relocating to a new office or business facility, UNITS® is here to help with all your moving and storage needs.

UNITS® Storage Facilities Keep Your Belongings Secure

Traditional storage facilities are sometimes poorly maintained and are not climate controlled. They don’t always do the best job of protecting your belongings from the elements. UNITS® has a nationwide network of state of the art, climate-controlled, secure storage facilities.

Whether you want to store excess items from your old home or business, or you need a place to keep your container while you make the final arrangements to move into your new place, UNITS® storage facilities offer convenience because you pack at your own pace and call for pick-up only when you’re ready. With UNITS® moving and storage, it’s that easy.

A local UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage Customer Care Representative in your community is ready to take your call now. Contact your nearest Moving and Storage Facility to set up delivery of your storage UNIT.