UNITS® Moving and Portable Storage of Raleigh, NC

UNITS Franchise Location

Raleigh Area

On Site Storage

12 Foot UNIT Rent $119.00
16 Foot UNIT Rent $139.00

Note:  Transportation Fees and Sales Tax Not Included

 Secure Warehouse Storage
(rent price for Raleigh & Durham area moves)

12 Foot UNIT Rent $139.00
16 Foot UNIT Rent $159.00

Note:  Transportation Fees Not Included
                      No Sales Tax when stored in Warehouse

*** Rent for Long Distance Moves will be different




Raleigh Moving and Storage

3 Reasons to use Units® Raleigh for your next move!

1. Flexibility – We drop off the portable container at your location. You can pack and load at your convenience. We’ll pick it up when you’re ready.

2. Peace of mind – with Units containers your belongings will not shift and break when packed and loaded professionally. Also, no Damp Concrete Floors! Your Belongings are Safe from the harmful elements in traditional storage facilities.

3. Price – Competitive Affordable Moving and Portable Storage Prices. No Charge for 2 Monthly Visits To Our Secure Warehouse Storage Facility AND no Gas & Mileage Charges! At today's gas prices, that’s a big deal.

So, if you are moving down the street or thousands or miles away  UNITS® is the most trusted and most used portable moving and storage company around. Don’t move all of your treasured belongings to a run-down storage facility, only to have them packed up and transported again to a new location later. With UNITS®, your stuff is only packed and unloaded once, cutting down on accidents and breakage. Our Raleigh storage container pricing is the best – short term or long term.

Our Raleigh moving and storage facilities are climate controlled, dry and fully equipped with state-of-the-art security systems including motion and fire sensors.

Our Raleigh Portable Storage Containers protect your belongings from the elements.




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