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How UNITS® Works

  • We deliver your portable storage container.
  • You pack. Take your time—two days or two weeks—it’s your stuff!
  • Have your container delivered to your new home or to a climate-controlled storage facility for safekeeping until you're ready for it to go to its new destination.

Have you had bad experiences in the past with Houston moving and storage companies including PODS®? It might be time to rethink old assumptions about what the moving process entails. Despite what some traditional Houston moving and storage companies will tell you, the old way of moving just isn't efficient or convenient. You're constrained to a specific date and time for your move, and aren't offered much flexibility when it comes to storing your belongings. UNITS® is a different take on Houston moving and storage that takes much of the pain away from the relocation process.

UNITS® Movers in Houston Deliver Unmatched Value

Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to get better moving and storage service? With UNITS®, there is.

  • Convenience: Our Houston movers drop off a portable storage container at your home or business, and give you the option to pack and load your belongings at your own pace. If you choose to get help with packing and loading, we offer that, too.

  • Portability: When you're ready to move your container to its new location, our professionals load it onto one of our trucks using a proprietary lift system.

  • State-of-the-Art Storage: If you choose to store your belongings with UNITS®, your container is placed in a secure, climate controlled Houston moving and storage facility.


Benefits of Picking UNITS®

  • UNITS® moving and storage is an affordable service for moving and storage in Houston. Don't go broke just trying to move!

  • You can leave your storage container on site, meaning you don't have to leave home to visit the facility each time you want to retrieve items.

  • UNITS®' top-notch storage facilities are well protected against rodents and other pests, meaning you don't have any unwelcome surprises when you go to unload your container.


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